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AdidasSuperstar crossed the border and worked with six of the world's most cutting-edge fashion stores (including the UK's Footpatrol, the United States Union, Underfeated, the German Tate, the Japanese Neighborhood and the Hong Kong D-mop), with their own unique view of AdidasSuperstar Both local and international fashion models.
AdidasSuperstar series was originally designed for basketball, and life is not related to life, but after the continuous improvement and development, AdidasSuperstar series has been popular in all walks of life, highlight the AdidasSuperstar series has been launched in 1969, Adidasin improving the quality of shoes. Adidasis using AdidasSuperstar for the development of new parts and fine craftsmanship. The heel of the heel is printed with a variety of characters, and the heel's side is printed with the portrait of Dassler, to pay tribute to the founder of the Adidas. Over the past decade, AdidasSuperstar is a famous brand of street culture. AdidasSuperstar brand concept, is to carefully deal with the production details of each product, which has become its brand purpose. AdidasSuperstar is recognized and respected in the trend world, and many world-class designers also love AdidasSuperstar's products.
Sat 10th Oct, 2015
AdidasSuperstar 80s Primeknit White Black


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